20.06.2012 - Takeover

Agroalimentare Sud S.p.A. has recently taken over IVS S.r.l. from Lodi, a primary research company working in genetic breeding of vegetable species located in the Parco Tecnologico Padano in Lodi, with first-class researchers and laboratories integrated in a holder of UNI EN ISO 9001 global quality certification.

With this takeover Agroalimentare Sud confirms to be a company of primary importance in the creation and selection of cereal and maize hybrid as well as in the selection and marketing of winter cereal seeds (wheat, barley, triticale, rye), sunflower, sorghum, soybean, rapeseed, rice, fodder.

ISTA and Veneto Sementi, the two companies that originally started IVS S.r.l. will continue to exist as proprietary brands of Agroalimentare Sud for the marketing of the various products.