In small grains, great potentiality.

From the research and selection of vegetable species, applied to industrial product processing to the highest process and quality levels, through the development of technology and management skills.

Development of the natural resources of the land. Traceability and low mileage supply chain. Sustainable farming contracts viable for both the company and the farmers. Today these are increasingly more common values, the same that Agroalimentare Sud adopted in 1982, the year when it was formed, with the intention to take processing to areas devoted to agricultural production, cut costs and transport time as well as reach high levels of product quality in an environmentally-friendly way.

From the plant in San Nicola di Melfi, in the Basilicata region, comes the main activity: transforming barley into beer malt marketed with the ®Italmalt brand, valued by multinationals such as Heineken, Carlsberg and Peroni; today Agroalimentare Sud adds more production lines, marketed with the ®Nutraceutical and ®Feed brand for the production of flours enriched in soluble fibres (beta-glucans) coming from the processing of particular varieties of barley, roasted malt and barley, malt extracts. rootlet pellets and flours for animal feeds.

Agroalimentare Sud S.p.A. continues to be a company of primary importance in the creation and selection of cereal and hybrids as well as in the selection and marketing of seeds. In fact, Agroalimentare Sud has recently taken over IVS S.r.l., a primary research company involved in genetic breeding of vegetable species located in the Parco Tecnologico Padano in Lodi. 

 Logo ISTA _Azienda.jpg      Logo Veneto Sementi_Azienda.jpg   ISTA and Veneto Sementi are proprietary brands of Agroalimentare Sud for the marketing of the various products.

Since 2014, Agroalimentare Sud S.p.A. has been accepted as a member of the Sustainable Agriculture Initiative Platform (SAI Platform), the leading nonprofit organization for agribusinesses that promotes and supports the development of sustainable agriculture worldwide. To date, the organization has more than 100 members, including all the major multinational food, that share the same concept of sustainable agriculture. This is for Agroalimentare Sud S.p.A. a key step in the development and implementation of its plan of environmental sustainability reflecting the strong sensitivity to issues related to environmental protection that have always characterized our company. The accession of Agroalimentare at SAI Platform has been materialized through its own, decision support system (DSS) in "web-assistance" ( developed in collaboration with the company Horta S.r.l..

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Latest News 07.03.2024

ESG Certificate Evaluation

We are proud to announce that Adriatica S.p.A. got a ESG certificate with an overall score B: Good Level of Sustainability. The certificate was obtained through the dedicated Synesgy platform operated by CRIBIS D&B...