30 years in cereal selection and processing, all with the highest quality

In central-southern Italy, above all in Puglia and Basilicata, the cultivation of cereal is over 7,000-years-old. Even before being a human choice, it is a real natural resource: in fact the structure of the soil, climatic conditions and water composition give crops very high quality and yield levels.  

Here wheat, barley, spelt and sorghum are a precise and primeval vocation of the land.  Barley is the privileged fruit of an ideal and inimitable combination of winds, water, sun and fertile soil.

Agroalimentare Sud, a company that processes only the barley produced by 2000 local farms with which it has drawn sustainable farming contracts, has been in San Nicola di Melfi since 1982: it supplies farmers with seeds, supports them with its technicians in their agronomic work and is committed to purchasing the whole of the crop.

In a low mileage supply chain, through the years high management and organization skills have developed an entrepreneurial example constantly in step with the times, capable of bringing the Italian product to the level of the best European competitors.


A core business is the processing of two-row barley in beer malt, constant commitment to agronomic and analytical research for the optimization of the quality of raw materials, in a reality of excellence that has been able to widen and diversify its range of action.

The research of Agroalimentare Sud, active in this sector too, has developed product chain that go from flours enriched with soluble fibre (beta-glucans) coming from the processing of particular varieties of barley, matching the quality of the human crop with everybody’s nutritional well-being, to roasted malt and barley, malt extracts. as well as rootlet pellets and flour for animal feeds.

Agroalimentare Sud is an example of excellence in the sector of Italian cereal processing if you consider that in Italy malt production relies on a very limited number of producers and the Melfi plant is one of the two main competitors.