Adriatica SpA

The leading product made by Agroalimentare Sud S.p.A. is malt only from national two-row barley.
This production chain is accompanied by numerous others among which the production line of liquid and powder malt concentrate extracts and the one for the production of roasted barley.
These products are marketed with the ®Italmalt brand.

The intense research and development program Agroalimentare Sud is committed to has also allowed to improve some co-products of the barley malting process offering them for use in diets because of their nutritional characteristics.
At the moment development programmes for the plant are been implemented, with the objective of making Agroalimentare Sud the supplier of a wide range of food, and dietetic products. Among these, apart from flours enriched with soluble food fibre, there are fibre and protein concentrates based on barley malt rootlets, barley flour with a high starch and anti-oxidant content.
These products are marketed with the ®Nutraceutical brand.