18.01.2019 - Sustainability in Agroalimentare Sud

To achieve the goal of producing 100% of malt using malting barley from sustainable agriculture, Agroalimentare Sud decided to share and adopt the same concepts as the SAI Platform (Sustainable Agriculture Initiative Platform) and became a member in 2014.


Today, at the end of the efforts made in recent years, starting from the crop 2018 it can be attested that Agroalimentare Sud produces malting barley from sustainable cultivations as per CCPB certificate n° 01/2018/LCA.


In fact, in December 2018, Agroalimentare Sud obtained an important certificate of validation by the certification body CCPB SRL which certifies how the LCA study calculated using the company tool for malting barley complies with the UNI EN ISO standards 14040 (2006) and UNI EN ISO 14044 (2018).