14.12.2018 - Adriatica S.p.A. - Energy Efficiency of Companies

Agroalimentare Sud has undertaken an energy efficiency project in order to reduce the energy consumption of the Melfi plant thanks to the application of the best available technologies. The interventions, which concern the lighting systems, the main electric motors, the application of inverters and home automation control systems, will allow energy savings of about 10%. The project was carried out with the contribution of the European Union with a financed amount of 71,797.06 Euros as part of the Public Notice "Energy Efficiency of Companies" - - DGR Basilicata n. 777/2017 - Axis IV Energy - Action 4B.4.2.1 of the OP FESR 2014-2020 - Pact for Basilicata FSC 2014-2020.