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The "System®" consists of several modules that interact with each other and that in a simple and clear way provide a large amount of information.



The modules of®


The module "Definizione UP" allows you to create the production units (UP), or plots of two-row barley cultivated in the same way. In this case you have to enter some basic information such as the surface of the UP, the variety, the yield expected, the weather station reference, the soil analysis, any organic fertilization and the status of the seedbed. Once verified the tips on fertilizing before seeding (the necessity to make phosphorus and potassium) and the recommended seeding rates, we proceed to sowing.

Once the seeding is done, it is possible to confirm the UP and proceed to viewing the DSS.


From the module "DSS" is possible to have information on:

1. phenological stages of plants;
2. periods of infection risk and the relative severity of the infections of powdery mildew, leaf blotch, net blotch, leaf rust and Fusarium head blight. You can also get information on the risk of infection of the main mycotoxins;
3. amount and period of application of nitrogen fertilizers;
4. choice of herbicides to control weeds;
5. water balance of the soil-plant system.


The views of the many services of the DSS are typically accessible at two levels: a) a summary level, with simple indicators of immediate understanding and b) a level of detail, which can be accessed to get more precise information.


By accessing the module "Meteo" you can check, with reference to the weather station of reference, the current weather conditions, historical trend and forecasts to 6 days.


With the module "DB prodotti fitosanitari" you can access the reference database, regularly updated, obtaining for each prepared a series of useful information for a correct and sustainable use of it. suggests use of allowed chemicals only and according to “fsa-3.0-red-and-amber-pppl-v1.0” (SAI Platform list of Red and Amber Plant Protection Products).


With the module "ROC" you can record all farming operations (working the soil, planting, processing and distribution of fertilizers, harvesting, etc.) and the technical goods used (seeds, products for tanning seed, herbicides, fungicides, insecticides, fertilizers, etc.) throughout the production process.


With the module "Sostenibilità" is possible to calculate the main indicators of sustainability of the UP: Carbon Footprint, Water Footprint, Ecological Footprint, Nitrogen Use Efficiency (NUE), grain yield and quality parameters of malting barley.