About us

Agroalimentare Sud S.p.A., about 66% of which is owned by the Adriatica S.p.A. group with its headquarters in Rovigo, was established in 1982 with the intention of bringing barley processing directly to an area with an agricultural vocation in order to cut costs and journey times with considerable advantages for product quality. A quality proven regularly by the tests carried out by the most respected world control laboratories, a prestigious access card for increasingly more important markets.


The corporate structure of Agroalimentare Sud includes a processing plant barley into malt with a total storage capacity of 40,000 tons, laboratories equipped for routine analysis as well as research and development, breeding units for field activities, various offices, a warehouse and a commercial department with a wide sales network. The company also boasts a wide network of partnerships, for both research and business, that adds strength and versatility to its activity.


Currently are being implemented enhancement programs for the plant, with the objective of making Agroalimentare Sud the supplier of a wide range of food, dietetic and seed products. Among these, as well as concentrates with a high soluble fibre content, there are proteic concentrates based on barley malt rootlets, barley flour with a high starch content and both powder and liquid malt extracts.


Agroalimentare Sud has recently taken over IVS S.r.l. from Lodi, a primary research company working in genetic breeding of vegetable species located in the Parco Tecnologico Padano in Lodi, confirming to be a company of primary importance in the creation and selection of cereal and maize hybrids, as well as in the selection and marketing of seeds of winter cereals (wheat, barley, triticale, rye), sunflower, sorghum, soybean, rapeseed, rice, fodder plants, etc.


Marketing of the various seed products will use the ISTA and Veneto Sementi brands that will continue to exist as proprietary brands of Agroalimentare Sud.

Our annual business in numbers:


Malt production capacity
36.000 t
Total storage capacity
 40.000 t
Seeds production and marketing
 6.000 t
Maize seed production and marketing
 100.000 doses
Roasted barley and relative co-products capacity
 4.000 t
Flour and nutraceutical products production capacity
 1.000 t
Malt extract production capacity
 1.000 t
Animal feed production capacity
 5.000 t