Raw Material


The plant processes only the barley produced by over 2000 central-southern farms with which Agroalimentare Sud has realized forms of vertical supply integration by drawing up farming contracts.

The typical contract structure provides for Agroalimentare Sud to supply the farm with barley seeds from the breeders’ preservative selections, and technical service by sending its own specialized staff for agronomic supervision, committing to purchase the whole crop.

The formula of the “farming contract” offers mutual benefits. In fact, Agroalimentare Sud can rely on the supply guarantee of the barley raw material both from a quantity and quality point of view, a vital requirement to plan the use of systems and labour as well as sales and to obtain finished products with high quality characteristics.

On the other hand the benefits for the farmer are the knowledge that his/her barley is placed and his/her professional growth is guaranteed thanks to the technical service. Adequate financial and development return is also guaranteed even in the long term.


For the farmer barley is an extremely versatile and interesting product, especially in dry areas. It grows well up to 1,300 metres above sea level and in difficult soils, avoiding their impoverishment with the right crop rotation.

In fact the structure of the soil, climatic conditions and water composition give this crop very high quality and yield levels.
campo orzo da birra_800.jpg
In the last twenty years cultivation has expanded and has been very successful for both quality and yield per hectare.
In fact, the industry commitment to research has allowed the selection of the most suitable varieties, bringing the Italian product to the level of the best European competitors.